Simplex Jet Grouting System (HDI) D 88.9 with hydraulic drifter

This drilling system is especially used for grout injection to improve the ground conditions by i.e. consolidation, vertical shoring or lining slicing the soil structure by means of a jet of grout at pressures of 100 to 600 bar.

This drilling process is normally carried out using a hydraulic drifter and external flushing. The drilling tools are adapted for the extreme pressures required. Having reached the final depth, the rods will be pulled up with slow pull back, allowing a jet of cement suspension to cut the surrounding ground. The corresponding nozzles are mounted in the monitor. The borings are partly discharged with the flushing return movement, partly homogenized with cement.

This complete drilling system D 88.9 is with different nozzle diameters and types of drill bits available. It is suitable for soft ground conditions.

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