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New Thread profile PFS

Gewindeprofil PFS

Due to the complexity of construction sites, many drilling companies apply DTH- hammers as well as hydraulic drifters to penetrate the overburden layer.  So as to only provide one drill string for both applications, Sysbohr GmbH invented the “PFS” thread, which substantially increases the inherent advantages provided by an API thread for DTH applications, while simultaneously counteracting the negative effects of impact stresses on the drill string due to the hydraulic drifter operation.

PFS-Thread profile (6.75MB)
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Concentric Folding Overburden Drill Bit


SysBohr GmbH company has developed and tested a complete new generation of reaming drill bits, suitable for drilling with DTH and Top Hammer. They are mainly used in overburden formation with rock inclosure.

Concentric Folding Overburden Drill Bit (1.9MB)
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Rotating Preventer for Casings


The purpose of the new rotating preventer is to discharge the borehole cuttings in a controlled way and to transmit the torque of the rotary head to the outer casing. It is mainly used in geothermal and all other types of drilling where the cuttings must be collected to protect the environment. The preventer is designed for casings with diameters up to 508mm. With a suitable flange it can be mounted to any rotary drives of appropriate drilling rigs. In case of interest or further questions, please contact our sales team.

Rotating Preventer for Casings (1,5 MB)
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